We have four families of aluminum railings:

CrystalLine, an advanced aluminium base supporting glass, suitable for interior and exterior applications; F50 INOX, offering a wide variety of designs with posts and using either pickets or glass, suitable for interior and exterior applications; Fusion, an economical yet robust aluminium and glass system with a large choice of configurations; Open-Air, a unique patented innovation, where the moving part of the system is raised or lowered with a single motion and effortlessly according to your wishes and the weather conditions. 

OUR windows and doors are based on Europe's high technological standards and style.  They are specially designed with wide thermal breaks and only the highest performing materials are used in their construction to ensure that they are suited to rigorous Canadian climate.

We offer a full range of fixed and tilt & turn windows; sliding doors; folding doors; entrance doors.

Insect Screens

Our Insect screens are constructed using the most durable materials.  Their user-friendly and convenient operation make them easy to use and very durable, all while being very aesthetic.  Available in fixed or roll screens for windows, vertically retractable screens for doors, pleated screens for doors.  Our screens are universal and can be installed on almost any window or door.

european aluminium windows
insect screens

Curtain walls are constructions of high architectural interest, mainly used in commercial buildings covering small or large surfaces.
These constructions, for the most part, consist of an aluminum frame, on which  are adapted various industrial materials such as glass, composite panels, ceramic, marble etc.
For this product category,  Aluminco offers an integrated system where the very good thermal insulation, sound insulation and mechanical properties have secured the implementation of important and complex projects worldwide.

aluminium railings
curtain walls

Contemporary European design
Alumila brings you European design standards. Maintence-free, aluminum and glass products that meet the most rigorous standards.  Whether you need windows and doors, railings, or other high quality products for your project, we work with the best fabricators.  We constantly strive to offer you the most recent technologically advanced products and offer you the widest array of choice of style and finish.