This new series takes its name from its ability to combine with harmony and fantasy glass with aluminum in countless combinations, while at the same time to remain uncluttered, affordable luxury and very beautiful.In this new series are the following types: ORBIT, ELXIS, SYNTHESIS Each type has its own character, it is completely unique in the railing market, creating an entirely new look while offering the ultimate answer to the demand for contemporary and stylish railing systems.  

A unique innovation, patented* and available exclusively from Aluminco, where the moving part of the system is raised or lowered with a single motion and effortlessly according to our wishes and weather conditions. Beyond that, what makes Open Air System truly irresistible is its minimal design, contemporary beauty and superior quality. Simple and modern at the same time, it provides endless options to even the most challenging design or construction issues.

The advanced supporting glass system based on aluminum profiles is the ideal system for glazed railings (balconies, stairs and building enclosures) with high architectural standards.

It offers an impressive aesthetical and functional result with no view limit. It is maintenance free, easy to clean and is fabricated under UNI EN 10807 & NF P01-013.

The Crystal line system is available in 3 basic models: In-floor, On-floor and External. Each one of the models offers different applications. 

F50 Railing System is based on an extremely simple design and constructional concept: a tubular system of anodized or polyester powder coated aluminum, which is elaborately bonded with connectors and supports creating a discrete, distinctive and high aesthetics result. Its metal elements fit in harmony together forming an extremely elegant, beautiful, and inspiring look.